EMIKO CONSULTING was created for the sole purpose of providing businesses with exactly what they need, when they need it. Today, that “need” seems to be in the form of rich, sexy content + eye-candy infographics. Ooh là là!

LEAH ARNOLD-SMEETS is the founder and brainchild behind Emiko Consulting. She started the company back in 2011 and named the company after her daughter and firstborn, Emiko.

In 2005, Leah graduated from USC with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Studies. After graduating, Leah embarked on (what would turn out to be) a whirlwind career in the corporate world that even included a stint halfway across the world in Dubai.

Despite having an exciting and promising career working for the man, Leah knew that her ultimate goal was to start her own company and help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses. After discovering she was pregnant with her first child, Leah decided it was go time. And, voilà! Emiko Consulting was born… and so was Leah’s daughter (pictured below in all her gloriousness).

Emiko Smeets